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Meeting Materials

The materials for the upcoming meeting and all previous meetings are collected here. Note that materials for the upcoming meeting may change up until the meeting actually takes place.

Date Topic Folder
2018-06-06 Remote Computing link
2018-05-23 Linux Shell link
2018-05-09 Intro to LaTeX link
2018-04-25 Documentary: Do You Trust This Computer link
2018-04-11 Data Visualization using Tableau link
2018-03-28 Reference Managers link
2018-03-14 More on Version Control link
2018-02-28 Version Control (esp. Git/GitHub) link
2018-02-14 Dask (parallel computing library for Python) link
2018-01-31 Last session on R (for now) link
2018-01-17 Continue with R link
2017-12-13 Continue with R link
2017-11-29 Continue with R link
2017-11-15 Introduction / Starting with R link