Print method for objects of class "hc.rma.uni".

# S3 method for hc.rma.uni
print(x, digits=x$digits, ...)



an object of class "hc.rma.uni" obtained with hc.


integer to specify the number of decimal places to which the printed results should be rounded (the default is to take the value from the object).


other arguments.


The output is a data frame with two rows, the first (labeled rma) corresponding to the results based on the usual estimation method, the second (labeled hc) corresponding to the results based on the method by Henmi and Copas (2010). The data frame includes the following variables:

  • the method used to estimate \(\tau^2\) (always DL for hc)

  • the estimated amount of heterogeneity

  • the estimated average true outcome

  • the corresponding standard error (NA when transf argument has been used)

  • the lower and upper confidence interval bounds


The function returns the data frame invisibly.


Viechtbauer, W. (2010). Conducting meta-analyses in R with the metafor package. Journal of Statistical Software, 36(3), 1–48.

See also

hc.rma.uni for the function to create hc.rma.uni objects.