Print method for objects of class "robust.rma".

# S3 method for robust.rma
print(x, digits=x$digits, signif.stars=getOption("show.signif.stars"),
      signif.legend=signif.stars, ...)



an object of class "robust.rma".


integer to specify the number of decimal places to which the printed results should be rounded (the default is to take the value from the object).


logical to specify whether p-values should be encoded visually with ‘significance stars’. Defaults to the show.signif.stars slot of options.


logical to specify whether the legend for the ‘significance stars’ should be printed. Defaults to the value for signif.stars.


other arguments.


The output includes:

  • information on the number of observed effect sizes or outcomes, number of clusters, and the number of effect sizes or outcomes per cluster.

  • the results of the omnibus (Wald-type) test of the coefficients in the model (the indices of the coefficients tested are also indicated). Suppressed if the model includes only one coefficient (e.g., only an intercept, like in the fixed- and random-effects model).

  • a table with the estimated coefficients, corresponding standard errors, test statistics, p-values, and confidence interval bounds.


The function does not return an object.


Wolfgang Viechtbauer


Viechtbauer, W. (2010). Conducting meta-analyses in R with the metafor package. Journal of Statistical Software, 36(3), 1--48.

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